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    Nicotra Gebhardt® PFP Plug Fan
    The Nicotra Gebhardt PFP range completes the offer of existing low pressure and high pressure high efficiency fan ranges RLM, RLE and RQM. It is an ultra-compact (EC) plug fan with backward blades (PFP) equipped with motorized lightweight high-efficiency aluminimum impeller with matching inlet nozzle, loose, suitable for horizontal or vertical installation, specifically developed and optimized for use without a scroll case.


  • External rotor motor
  • Integrated controller
  • High-efficiency motor with rare-earth magnets
  • Impeller sizes 280 – 630
  • Max. motor power 4kW
  • Advance Controller Specifications

  • All single-phase models comply with EMC emission requirements for EN 61800-3 class C. Three-phase models comply with the emission requirements for class C2; both types comply with immunity requirements for class C3.
  • Can operate in PID mode, adjusting fan speed to keep the measurement of a system parameter to the desired value, via 2 analogue inputs, and an external transducer.
  • Operation at constant flow-rate can be achieved using the PID mode and a pressure transducer, connected with the pressure probe provided on the inlet nozzle.
  • Speed control via external voltage signal.
  • ModBus / RS485 serial interface.
  • 10V and 24V power supply for external transducers.
  • Master & slave mode, for stable operation in parallel.
  • PFP Fan

    PFP Fan