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    Unico 7140 & 7141 Series

    The Unico 7140 is a fully featured advanced digitalĀ  current control soft starter with an advanced digital interface, making it versatile and easy to use. For simple installations, commissioning is as straight forward as setting just one parameter. Using the quickstart menu structure of alphanumeric control interface provides access to commonly used parameters allowing simple and quick configuration. For advanced applications, an extensive range of parameters are available in the extended menu. This allows full customisation of the Aurora LPRA for the most unique applications.

    The Unico 7141 is a compact soft starter that monitors input current to limit motor current during starting and stopping. Setup is performed with screw driver adjusting selector switched and trimpots allowing you to customise the starting of your load within seconds.


  • SS Select. Software selection tool helps the user to optimise a selection of Unico 7140/7141 Soft Starter taking into account application and duty requirements.
  • SS Edit. The Soft Starter editing tool software lets the user program, monitor and control the Unico 7140/714 Soft Starter from PC via communication module.

  • Catalogue & Manual

  • Unico 7140/7141 Range Soft Starter Catalogue
  • Unico 7140 (Advanced) Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions
  • Unico 7141 (Basic) Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions
  • Remote Operator User Manual
  • Remote Keypad Instructions
  • USB Module User Manual
  • Modbus RTU Module Instructions
  • Modbus TCP Module Instructions
  • Profibus Module Instructions
  • Profinet Module Instructions
  • DeviceNet Module Instructions
  • Ethernet Module Instructions
  • Finger Guard Instructions
  • Fieldbus files
  • Unico Series

    Product Overview