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  • ELCO Fans with ECM Motors
    Fans with Electronic Commutated Motors, with permanent magnet, are specially designed by ELCO® for commercial refrigeration applications. These motors efficiency is higher than the traditional motors assuring an energy saving up to 80% of power consumption with consequent CO2 emission reduction.


    • Closed motor, protection degree IP65 (IP66 on request).
    • Thermoplastic body compact design.
    • Double insulation class B (earth cable eliminated).
    • Supply 230V / 115V - 50/60 Hz.
    • Possible coupling with axial fans with diameter from 154 to 300 mm.
    • Rotation speeds available with different options:
      • From 1 to 4 ELCO® pre-set speeds
      • Different reverse modes via SW and HW
      • Speed set by the customer via NFC standard
      • Full speed control with 0-10 Vdc or 0-24 Vdc signal.
    • Working temperature between -30°C and +60°C.
    • Insulation class B.

    Controller Sentinel (optional)

    • Project developed on the existing motor design = full plenum compatibility
    • Cabling simplified and standardized on existing plug = time efficient retrofitting
    • RPM/T/Torque monitoring = predictive maintenance
    • On-the-cabinet Andon signal = easier and on-the-store monitoring
    • Full compatibility with existing monitoring systems = seamless embedding
    • Precise indication of cabinet and motor within to monitoring system

    See page 38 of Elco Refrigeration Fans and Motors catalogue for further reference.


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