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  • Marathon MSS Series
    The New Marathon range of Soft Starters - MSS Series (MSSA & MSSB) - is fully featured, versatile and easy to use.

    Flexibility and Ease of Set Up

    MSSA (Advanced Plus) & MSSB (Advanced Basic) type Soft Starters range (up to 315kW@400VAC and up to 560kW@690VAC) offers internal bypass contactor as standard and the intelligence to suit and adapt to any applications using the latest leading edge soft start technology like adaptive control, comprehensive and customisable motor protections, smart industry customised modules, easy and fast to operate full graphical alphanumeric display interface as well as built-in simulation mode and USB port for easy and fast commissioning and data extraction.

    Features and Functionality

    Streamline Setup Process
    • Configuration profiles for common applications

    Easy to Understand Interface
    • Multi-language menus and displays
    • Descriptive option names and feedback messages
    • Real-time performance graphs

    Energy Efficiency Support
    • IE3 compatible
    • 99% energy efficient when running
    • Internal bypass
    • Soft start technology avoids harmonic distortion

    Versatile Starting and Stopping Options
    • Adaptive control
    • Constant current
    • Current ramp
    • Timed voltage ramp soft stop
    • Coast to stop
    • DC brake*
    • Soft brake*
    • Kickstart*
    • Jog (forward and reverse)*

    Customisable Protection and Functions
    • Motor overload
    • Excess start time
    • Undercurrent
    • Overcurrent
    • Current Imbalance
    • Input trip
    • Motor thermistor
    • Auto-reset
    • Real Time Clock (RTC) for Scheduled operation*
    • SCR fail power-through operation*

    Extensive Input and Output Options
    • Remote control inputs (2 x fixed, 2 x programmable)
    • Relay outputs (1 x fixed, 2 x programmable)
    • Analog output: 0(4) - 20mA

    Optional Features for Advanced Applications
    • Smart cards
    • DeviceNet
    • Ethernet/IP
    • Modbus RTU
    • Modbus TCP
    • Profibus
    • Profinet

    * MSSA type only


    • Marathon SS Select (The Marathon Soft Starter selection tool helps the user to optimise a selection of Soft Starter taking into account application and duty requirements.
    • Marathon SS Edit (The Marathon Soft Starter editing tool software lets the user program, monitor and control the Soft Starter from PC via built-in USB port.

    Catalogue & Manual

    • Marathon MSS Range Soft Starter Catalogue link
    • Marathon MSSA Installation and Operation Instructions (SW 1.X, SW 2.X)
    • Marathon MSSB Installation and Operation Instructions (SW 1.X, SW 2.X)
    • Remote Operator User Manual
    • Remote Keypad Mounting Instructions
    • USB Module Instructions
    • Modbus RTU Module Instructions
    • Modbus TCP Module Instructions
    • Profibus Module Instructions
    • DeviceNet Module Instructions
    • Ethernet IP Module Instructions
    • Pumping Smartcard User Manual
    • Finger Guard Instructions
    • Fieldbus files

    MSS Series

    More Information

  • Technical Catalogue
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