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  • Cables
    We have cables for every industry; automotive, marine, building, explosive, power flexes, welding flexes, garden lighting, multicore, pool and solar cable, instrumentation cable. High voltage, high temperature, high tension cables, measurement cables, pyrometric cables, motor lead, silicone insulated cables, multi-conductor cables, safety cables. Where the need requires, we have cables that have UL, IEC, CSA, DIN and Veritas approval.

    Product List

    • RECS (SIE VDE)
    • ECS (SIF VDE)
    • MC-ECS
    • ECSP
    • Silicoul 1.1 kV
    • Silicoul 3.7 kV
    • Silicoul 6.6 kV
    • Silicoul 13.8 kV
    • Varpren F
    • Varpren MVA
    • NVS and NVSL
    • BM-NVS
    • NVAS
    • TPT
    • HT
    • EETFE
    • EPFA
    • Thermocouple cables (COUPLIX)
    • RTD cables (SONDIX)
    • Submersible, Submersible screened

    Material Safety Datasheets (MSDS)

    Our product material safety datasheets are produced by Chemwatch, the world's largest supplier of independently researched MSDSs.

    MSDSs can be customised for specific countries or language by using the Filter option.

    To view and download our Material Safety Datasheets from the Chemwatch website application please click on the link below.


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