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  • Sleeving & Tying Cords
    Our sleevings and tying cords range covers every purpose and application. Sleevings available include the popular acrylic impregnated glass, silicone coated glass, pure silicone glass, pure glass and polyurethane coated glass. Sizes range from 0.5 to 35mm. Tying cords are available in twisted "E" glass yarn, polyester glass and polyester, with some designed to shrink when heated.

    Product List

    Within our range we also offer the JSI / Krempel Vidaflex sleeving.

    • Vidaflex 942
    • Vidaflex 111
    • Vidaflex S500
    • Vidaflex SD550 (UL approved)
    • Tying cords

    Material Safety Datasheets (MSDS)

    Our product material safety datasheets are produced by Chemwatch, the world's largest supplier of independently researched MSDSs.

    MSDSs can be customised for specific countries or language by using the Filter option.

    To view and download our Material Safety Datasheets from the Chemwatch website application please click on the link below.


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