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  • Varnishes & Resins
    Regal Rexnord stock the popular and well know quality brands of Von Roll & Elantas varnishes and resins. The high quality varnishes and resins we supply are carefully formulated to provide optimum performance that will extend the life of your electrical equipment proving excellent bonding of conductors and outstanding environmental protection against humidity, dust or corrosive atmospheres. They also have an ability to increase the electrical strength of other insulation.

    Product List

    • Varnishes & resins
    • Impregnation varnishes for dip, spray & trickle systems
    • Varnish types for oven or air dry curing systems
    • Water soluble varnishes
    • High flashpoints – for safety OH&S
    • Wet winding epoxy
    • Conformal coatings & encapsulants
    • Epoxy putting
    • Masking compounds
    • Gap filling putty


    Regal Rexnord hold in stock, a range of stoving and air drying varnishes, that are suitable for insulation classes from B through to H. These varnishes, depending on type, are stocked in conveniently sized containers that include 4, 5, 20 & 200 Lt drums and aerosol cans (air dry)

    Used in

    The varnish impregnation and protection of:
    • Electric motor windings
    • Transformers
    • Coils


    The varnishes are specifically formulated to ensure that the design criteria is achieved. It is critical that the varnish, in use be regularly checked for composition and viscosity.

    Fast Selection

    Please refer to the following chart for fast selection. Detailed specifications are available by contacting your local Regal office.

    Material Safety Datasheets (MSDS)

    Our product material safety datasheets are produced by Chemwatch, the world's largest supplier of independently researched MSDSs.

    MSDSs can be customized for specific countries or language by using the Filter option.

    To view and download our Material Safety Datasheets from the Chemwatch website application please click on the link below.

    Varnish Resins

    More Information

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